Wolf Noble

Leader, Empath, Maker, Non-Linear thinker, Engineer, Altruist, Mentor, Fire Performer, Challenger-of-norms, Cautionary tale

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Who is this Wolf

I’ve repeatedly validated that my definitions of personal and professional success have the prerequisites of treating everyone around me with respect and compassion; and being passionately intrigued by the technologies I work with. Naturally, It’s unsurprising that both are crucial elements in maintaining my professional interest.
I treat the people, and teams that I work with as extensions of my family. My success is a measurement of theirs.
It’s been said on multiple occasions that I wear my soul on my sleeve. I’m a transparent and open person. I care deeply about the intentions underlying actions; correspondingly The long-term goals of any company that I work for must be rooted in the embetterment of humanity.

As I move circuitously through this adventure known as the human experience, I am driven to help those around me grow and succeed; and compelled to attempt to improve the processes, people, and procedures I encounter.
While some would love hearing me concede that I don’t always succeed at this, I do generally leave things in a better state than I found them.

I’m rarely certain where the path I’m on will take me. However I’m confident I will almost always enjoy what I’m doing, and who I’m traveling with.


Arduino/IOT Hacking
High Voltage Woodburning
Performing Arts Related
Costume design
Tool design
Fire Performing
Electronic Music production and consumption
3D model creation
3d printing
Professional Jackassery


Systems Engineering

Operating Systems

‣ Debian/Ubuntu
‣ FreeBSD
‣ Raspbian

‣ Docker
‣ kvm
‣ CollectD
‣ grafana
‣ Logstash/ELK
‣ rsyslog
‣ sar
‣ iostat/dstat
‣ bash
Configuration Management

‣ Ansible
‣  Chef
‣  Puppet
‣  Bash in a for loop
Organization & Logistics software

Cloud Engineering

Public Clouds


‣ K8s on baremetal
‣ Proxmox
‣ Truenas

 HP/aruba switches


‣ Python
‣ Arduino/C
‣ golang
‣ bash
Web Development

‣ Ruby
‣ python
‣ golang
‣ Nodejs

 Abstract Ideation
 Nonlinear Cognition
 Trauma-informed Coach
 Empathetic Councillor
 Event Security

Recent Work Experience


October 2020 - October 2021 Head of Cloud Engineering

As Head of Cloud Engineering, I was responsible for steering the AWS/GCP/Azure teams’ trajectories towards a future where development teams could build for the cloud platform their work necessitated, and have the tooling we provide either enhance their experience, or not negatively impact it.

We were building towards a model of two cloud providers, and a physical datacenter as deployment targets. The goal was to provide dev teams with their choice of a box-of-legos ‘diy’ set of components, and a fully managed platform composed of those lego pieces. Engineering teams retained the flexibility of selecting their own components and tooling if necessary, or could leverage the managed tooling to expedite their delivery cadence.

Additional responsibilities were to liaise with engineering leads across the organization to prioritize functionalities needed, and reduce unnecessary developer pain and toil without compromising on security or observability.

October 2019 - October 2020 Manager - AWS Cloud Engineering

As Manager of the AWS Cloud Engineering Team, I was responsible for:

  • Improving observability within the dev pipeline and establishing the baseline capabilities for HEB’s AWS Platform.

  • Coordinating with the GCP platform manager to ensure that we were building towards a future where developers could build for AWS or GCP with as little pain as possible.

  • Working with engineering teams to identify bottlenecks within the deployment/production lifecycle, and determining what efforts would relieve the most developer pain.

  • Helping existing engineering teams learn concepts and patterns crucial to operating cloud infrastructure.
    (…as it’s quite different than traditional Datacenter architecture)

  • Prioritizing functionality improvements collaboratively with peers and engineering leaders as organizational priorities evolve.

  • Demonstrating the practice of sustainably managing a production environment through transparent incident management, and empowering engineering teams to own their infrastructure.

  • Nurturing engineering teams to encourage a mindset of ownership, and accountability.
    Moving the default engineering mindset from:

    The code works on my laptop, so clearly this problem is not my fault.
    To one more along the lines of:
    You build it, You run it…. Do you need a hand?

  • Maintaining the services provided to engineering once live by measuring and monitoring availability, latency and overall system health.

  • Growing the cloud engineering team, providing guidance, mentorship, and allowing engineers to make small mistakes and learn from them.


March 2017 - April 2019 TEAM LEAD (HipChat DevOps) ☯ TEAM LEAD (Stride DevOps) ☯ HIPCHAT ENGINEERING STEWARD
  • DevOps Team Lead - HipChat:
    Maintain team morale as HipChat divided to create on Stride.
    Refocus the HipChat DevOps team to own and run components as developers transitioned off HipChat
    Re-automate the infra, thoroughly documenting the processes, procedures, and expectations
    Transfer all relevant knowledge of maintaining HipChat to a team of contract engineers
    Ensure HipChat’s performance and availability met or exceeded all SLAs
    Plan to migrate HipChat Devops engineers to Stride DevOps as the Ukraine team takes up the reigns
  • DevOps Team Lead - Stride
    Integrate the 4 HipChat DevOps engineers with the existing Stride DevOps team
    Adapt team processes to accommodate the growth.
    Identify bottlenecks and developer pain points in the dev pipeline.
    Identify performance issues.
    Work with engineering leads to assess and implement necessary adjustments to process, tooling, and performance.
  • HipChat Engineering Steward
    Provide guidance and direction for the day-to-day operations of HipChat performed by contract engineers in the Ukraine
    Simplify focus of HipChat Development to ensure that a remote team of contractors could:
    ๏ Optimize all production, and non production infrastructure.
    ๏ Build all necessary clients across all supported platforms.
    ๏ Interact with the rest of atlassian to ensure any business needs could be serviced appropriately.
    ๏ Feel encouraged and empowered to explore new ways to evolve the process of rightsizing and scaling the HipChat infrastructure to reduce waste, while growing their skillsets.

๏ Grow the Engineers on the DevOps team.
๏ Help identify their unique genius
๏ Help shape a career path for them in the direction they felt they wanted to go.
๏ Help define the yin/yang distinction between the SRE and DevOps teams within Atlassian to ensure everyone’s path aligns closest with their desires
๏ Maintain and participate in oncall rotation for infrastructure performance and availability.
๏ Assess the cost and performance of all HC AWS Infra.
๏ Optimize where possible
๏ Help assess and improve CI and Deployment pipelines.
๏ Help assess and improve the consistency of environmental changes
๏ Maintain and Improve the relationships and contracts with 3rd party vendors:
(AWS, Elastic, HostedGraphite, RedisLabs)
๏ Coordinate requested changes from disparate product teams within Atlassian to ensure the team’s workload is consistent and the needful is done.


Help take HipChat to the next level


September 2013 - March 2015 Dev-Ops Engineer

Improve existing open-source Puppet AWS infrastructure and modules. Help engineer the next generation of RetailMeNots automation infrastructure, utilizing emerging AWS technologies to reduce complexity and further automate the development pipeline

Previous Roles


2012 - 2013 UNIX Team Lead
2010 - 2012 Senior UNIX Systems administrator


2007-2010 Director of IT

Silicon Valley Web Hosting

2006-2007 Systems Administrator

eBay Inc

1999-2002 UNIX Systems Administrator
1997-1999 Junior UNIX Systems Administrator

Art related projects

Hoof & Paw

Fine art created with the aid of high voltage - 2014 - Present

Lichtenberg woodburning is dangerous, but beautiful